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Wedding Cakes

This cake was made for Al's wedding.

All of this cake is edible except the cake topper.

The topper is made out of icing with two little plastic love birds on top.

This cake was made for Larry and Becky. The top cake is a keepsake cake.

This cake was a very different cake to make. The bride had the idea of what she wanted and drew it for me and this is the outcome.

This is another view of the unusual wedding cake; it turned out very pretty.

This cake is probably the one I'm proudest of. I made it for my parents' 40th anniversary from a small black and white picture they had of their original cake. This is an identical to that cake even to the cake topper.

The cake topper is made with homemade sugar bells with an icing rose in each one and tulle and sweet peas around them. The top cake I made as a keepsake cake for them and they still have it in their china cabinet. Everything is homemade except for the bells on the second layer; they are plastic as the original ones were.

This is a keepsake cake that has the initials of the bride and groom on the cake. All but the bride & groom dolls, lace, ribbons and doves are icing.