Family Information

Please fill this out so we know how to plan. We would appreciate everyone doing the top part so we can update the phone book.

Children's Name
Which Stoaks Family are you from?

I and my family will attend will not attend the reunion.

I will be flying in and need someone to pick me up.

I would love to see a cookbook made.
Which meals will you be eating?

Friday, June 29, Supper
Saturday, June 30, Breakfast
Saturday, June 30, Lunch
Saturday, June 30, Supper
Sunday, July 1, Breakfast
Sunday, July 1, Lunch
Need special meal

We have three options available to you. The dorm rooms have a few double beds downstairs for those that can't climb stairs, and then the upstairs rooms have 2 single beds in each room, you will need to bring sheets or let us know you can't so we can have some. We also have hookups for RV's. Lastly you can stay in Motel 8 in town. If this is an interest to several I will try to get a special price with them.

Dorm Room Downstairs
Dorm Room Upstairs (How many rooms needed )
Motel 8 (How many rooms needed )

We have several activities that we have discussed and we would like to hear what you would like to do. Choose as many you would like to do.

Silver Dollar City (Friday - You will have to get to Branson on your own or carpool it with others.)
Laura Ingalls Wilder Home
Glade Top Drive
Silent Auction
Canoe Trip
Crafts for the Kids
Singing as a Group
Other Activities