Stress, School Still Going

This week has been an up and down ride! This is beginning our 29th week of our journey. This week has been a tough one. There have been so many changes over the past few months and I have found that I have struggled more lately than I have in a long time.

God is with us even during the stormy times.

Watching my mother over the past few years was hard to see her go from a strong woman and able to “beat” so many things that came into her way but when ALS attacked her body, this was something she couldn’t “beat”. I will never forget the first day I saw her struggle out of the couch and that was before we knew what was going on, but she told me that day that God knew what was ahead and He would help us through it. He did and she was completely healed forever December 15th. But, just because her suffering ended, that didn’t mean that our life settled down and went back to what it was before ALS. NO! Our lives were forever changed because of the hole that was left in our hearts and in our family. We know she is in Heaven and at peace but we miss her more than words can ever say. Due to all the stress that’s what began our journey with Shape.

But things over the past few months have kept adding up and after the flood hit our place, I had really hoped that finally things would calm down, no that wasn’t to happen. Life has continued on but more holes have been “drilled” into our family.

Mrs. Jo has been there for us for 11 1/2 yrs. Through laughter, tears and with her prayers.

This week as I struggled with different parts of our life changing, I found myself struggling more and more emotionally and physically. We got the news that after 11 1/2 yrs with our beloved speech therapist, she was being transfered to the public school system. This wasn’t her decision, it

First day of school with Daddy, the principal.

was made for her. Thursday was our last day with her. Some may not think this was a big deal, but it was. After Milton lost his speech 3 months after his first seizure, she was the one to work with him until 4 yrs later he uttered his first word during therapy. Tears and laughter have been shared with her and she was apart of our family. Change is NOT easy for Milton and over the past few months we have had a lot of them, so now we begin with a new speech therapist this week and instead of her coming to the home we have to go to her. This means twice a week we loose a whole after because he doesn’t do good switching between places.

First day of school with Mommy, the teacher…..

Another first is, I will be only homeschooling 1 child again for the first time in several years. This has been really tough because this wasn’t planned this year, but again God wasn’t caught by surprise.

With all these changes we still are pressing onward. As I struggle, I’m reminded that no matter what my family is worth me keeping

We were reminded Friday evening after a special supper, that God still cared about us and showed it with a rainbow in the sky, His Promise to us.

on this journey. If I haven’t learned anything else, it is not what everyone else thinks about what or how well I’m doing but that I keep going for myself and my family with God’s help.

So we continue to take it one step at a time.