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Abigail’s Prayer Card

What’s it like to send your 18 year old across the sea? Let me be the first to say that it can be an awesome feeling, because you know they are going to serve the Lord, but at the same time it can be nerve racking. This time has been harder because she has always gone for 10 days and then was back home, this time it is for 3 months. We know that God has worked everything out and things have fallen into place for her to go, but I’m still a mother and it is hard to say those good byes.

For those that have followed her trips a year ago from Tuesday we put her on a plane headed for China and this time on Wednesday she heads for Israel. Emotions play on me the last few days before she leaves anywhere, but last year I struggled because I had just told my sweet mother “good night” a couple of weeks before. I always have to release her into the Father’s care as she goes through those security areas and turns and waves good bye. I want to run after her and give her another big hug, but that isn’t possible.

What is so different about this mission trip?

  • She will be gone for 3 months vs. 10 days
  • She will be awake when we are asleep so it will be harder to talk to

    The family at WMA Christmas Party.
  • She will have a job working with children
  • She is usually with a team and this time she will be on her own with the pastors over there
  • She will rely on “love gifts” for her needs while she is over there
  • We are having to pack for 3 months vs 10 days

Some have wondered how we can let her go this long. As I said in my last blog, I dedicated her to the Lord 18 years ago and told Him that she was His and to use her where He wanted. When she announced she wanted to go on her first mission trip, we were overjoyed but scared. The Todd’s were right there with us and has made sure that we were in touch with her where ever she went. We are very comfortable with WMA and know that they pray for their missionaries as they go and this time is no different.

As we gathered together at the WMA Christmas get together, I was again impressed with the way they worked with the different ones that have served on the teams and prayed about the upcoming trips. Yes, there was laughter and fun but you could defiantly feel that the Lord was the important part of everything there.

As I sew the last few outfits for Abigail to take with her, my prayers go with each stitch that she will be used for God as she ministers to God’s people while she is there. She will be working with little ones ages 0-3 but we pray that she will be able to sew seeds of God’s love through hugs, stories, songs and just loving on the children. And with her work that the parents and those around her will see her glow for the Lord and want to know more. We were privileged to “meet” with Pastor Sapir online and it has made it a lot easier for us to let her go for this longer time. Knowing you can “holler” if

Churck, director of WMA, with Abigail at the Christmas Party.

you need to, to someone over there, really helps!

What do we need right now?

  • First and foremost, PRAYER. We need to have prayer for her and us and we prepare during the last days with her here for the next few months. It is hard to think she will be gone longer, but she IS in the Father’s care.
  • Pray that she will be used for His Glory while she is in Israel.
    • Tax Deductible Gifts can be made by
    • Non Tax Deductible Gifts can be made by
      • Donating by Paypal to an account we have set up for her at
      • Sending a check made out to Michael or Orilla CriderShe will count on donations for while she is there. 100% of the money that is donated in her name will go to her and her needs.
        The following are what your donations will go for:

        Helen, director of WMA, with Abigail at the Christmas Party.
        1. Computer (this is needed immediately so she can continue her schooling while there and being able to keep in contact with us) – This has been paid in full for now. Thank you!!
        2. Breakfast (she has to buy all of her breakfast items)
        3. Travel expenses (she will need money to cover her bus fair while there)
        4. Personal supplies (things like hygiene, etc)
        5. Misc. items (things that come up that aren’t planned on)

        If you would like to help out with these needs you can do so by donating two different ways.

We want to thank each of you that have donated towards her trip. We will keep everyone posted as we can.

So thankful to be a TMM.

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