A New “Adventure” Beginning

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Prayer Card – Walking where Jesus Walked

Have you ever had that “thud” feeling but excited at the same time? Well, that happened to Michael and I on November 8th. The director of the missions that Abigail has been with asked me to call her and we had no idea what was going on.

To make a long story short Helen and Chuck were asking our blessing on a long term mission trip for Abigail. And wow what an opportunity!! Where to? A pastor had asked if the mission could suggest someone to come over and help with a daycare that they had started as an outreach of the church. Where? That’s the answer that threw us! In upper Galilee!!! Yes, right where Jesus walked.

I told Helen that I needed to talk to Michael and make sure what his answer was but I thought I knew what it would be. In the past Michael has told Abigail that if she decided to stay overseas as a missionary, she would have to return home for visits to see us, because he wasn’t going to fly and flying for Milton is really tough. So, I called Michael and said that I had an important thing to discuss. He heard my end of it and this was his answer, “Tell her that if she goes we will be getting our tickets to go visit her.” Wow, I made him repeat it back to me.

We asked when she would need to go if she said “yes”. Helen said they really needed someone quickly and she could go as soon as possible, however, she (Helen) would be going over January 2nd with a group and she could go with them. We gave our blessing, even though we knew time was short and so much would be happening if she went.

At the same time work had promised her a promotion, but that never happened. Doors shut and opened but we thought her answer was no. We moved her into her own place Friday after Thanksgiving and saw her excited about her “new” life. Thursday the following week we took her to a Tim Hawkins concert and she informed us if certain things didn’t happen she was going to Israel. Michael and I made the comment that evening that she has just put her fleece out like Gideon did.

Kiryat Shmona (Qiryat Shemona) (קִרְיַת שְׁמוֹנָה) Kiryat Shmona is located in the Finger of the Galilee next to the Hula Valley, about 3 miles south and 1 mile east of the Israel–Lebanon border. Its elevation is about 492 feet above sea level.

Friday, December 1st we took her with us to a homeschool get away in Branson. On the way down we got to talking about the subject and she informed me to let Helen know she was going. Wow! We were blown away and excited for her at the same time. Monday started things rolling and excitement has grown. What a whirl wind.

She will be leaving January 3rd for this amazing opportunity. She will be in the city of Kiryat Shmona (Qiryat Shemona קִרְיַת שְׁמוֹנָה). The duties she will have is taking care of children 3 and under. At the same time she will be ministering to those around her both grown ups and children. There are 3 different church services that she will be involved with:

  1. Russian
  2. Hebrew
  3. American

Her tickets have been taken care of and she will be leaving from Springfield at 12:50 on January 3rd she will be there for 3 months and return home April 4th. Yes, we have mixed emotions about all of this!! She just turned 18 and this time she won’t be gone just for 10 days but for 3 months. But we have seen God work through this time and opened and shut lots of doors.

Yesterday, December 9th, we got to meet with Pastor Sapir through face-time and learn more what she will be doing and what to look forward to. They are excited to have her and their 18 year old daughter is looking forward to having her there. She is looking forward to meeting her, too. I’m sure that she will be learning Hebrew and Russian while she is there. 🙂

At the top is her prayer card. Yes, she needs money while she is gone, but the greatest thing she needs is PRAYER. She is going over to help with the children but the top goal is to minister and see those that know God find Him. Yes, God can even use those that take care of His little ones to win those that are older.

What are her needs? Some have asked about her place here. Michael & I will be overseeing her place while she is gone. The church will be taking care of her apartment and 2 meals a day (lunch and supper). The following are what your donations will go for:

  1. Computer (this is needed immediately so she can continue her schooling while there and being able to keep in contact with us)
  2. Breakfast (she has to buy all of her breakfast items)
  3. Travel expenses (she will need money to cover her bus fair while there)
  4. Personal supplies (things like hygiene, etc)
  5. Misc. items (things that come up that aren’t planned on)

If you would like to help out with these needs you can do so by donating two different ways.

She was named for a beautiful lady we knew and for the Abigail in the Bible. Her name comes from Hebrew means “Father rejoiced, or father’s joy. Gives joy.”

I was asked lately how I could release my 18 year old to go like this. I was reminded that 18 years ago, come January, we publicly dedicated her to the Lord. We said then that she was God’s and that whatever He planned for her, we would release her to Him. At the age of 15 she told us that she wanted to go on her first mission trip with WMA. Since that time we have seen her go to 4 different trips and each one she has blessed others but she has come back totally different way. I will never forget saying that first good-bye when she flew to China. It was so hard BUT she came back so different and excited for the time she would return.

Please don’t get me wrong, it isn’t easy to say those good-bye’s and watch them go through the TSA and have to stay on the other side. But the comfort that she is following God’s calling and having the peace in our own hearts that she is in God’s hands is worth it all.

If you are looking for a group that is wonderful to work with teens and their parents, we can highly suggest WMA (World Mission Alliance). They are a wonderful group and you become apart of their family.

As we prepare for Christmas for the GREATEST GIFT that was given, I’m preparing to let my only daughter go to His people to help spread the gospel to His people. Please pray for our family, it isn’t easy to say good-bye, but we want to see her follow the Lord’s leading.

I’m thankful for being a TMM!

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