Two More Trips

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China, the place that stole her heart.

So much has happened since the last time I wrote. So…I’m going to do a quick update here and catch you up on what has happened this past year. My hopes are to keep this updated a lot more in the coming days.

January 3, 2017, once again we were back at the Springfield Airport seeing our daughter off. This time it was different. Usually I was in contact with my mother and sending her updates and pictures. But December 15th she too her final flight to Heaven. It was an emotional good bye for me, to say the least.

The day was really foggy but as always we waited around for the

Abigail with on of the children.

person that was meeting us as her travel companion. The night before we found out that they had moved their plane flight to a different time. So we really didn’t know what was in store for her. We watched her go through the TSA and waved good bye. Of course we never leave until her plane is in the air.

We watched the plane schedule change over and over. They kept putting all flights off and moving them to a new time. We kept in contact with Abigail by texting but since she was already through the TSA, we couldn’t see her. Finally at a little before 1:00 pm her flight was called and she took to the skies.

This time she was on her way back to China. She was going to a different area but she loved it that she was going back to the one place that had stolen her heart.

Abigail giving her testimony.

Due to the delay of flights, they missed their connection in Dallas, TX and had to spend the night to catch the next flight. Another first.

She was exhausted by the time she landed in China but so ready to start her very busy time over there. They went to

Abigail at the Panda Reserve.

a completely different area and ministered to totally different people. She even got to see a wedding while there. The pictures of the churches are amazing. Several things that have stuck out to me is:

  • There a no denominations – they are Christians that worship together
  • They can now worship more openly
  • They have Bible book stores

They usually take 1 day to do site seeing while they are on the trips. They were in panda bear land so they went to a rescue place for the panda’s. She fell in love with the furry little creatures.

As always, she came back with so many stories and bubbling over.

Off to France.

Her second trip for this year, October 5th, was to a special spot that she has wanted to see for years, France! This time she met the director, Helen at the Springfield Airport. We took her out for her last meal with us, to the Waffle House and enjoyed just being able to relax some before saying good bye.

She has become a “pro” at flying now, even though she hates it. But she knows what to do and what to expect. This time, Michael put together a card for her to listen to some of her favorite stories while she was in the year.

Once again, we were able to keep in contact with her through the whole trip. Yes, China is my hardest time because we don’t get to talk with her as much. She landed and basically was on the go the whole time. Once the team met in Paris, the moved on to the main location while there.

Most of the services while in France were street based. The other places she had been they met in churches. This was her first trip where it was all just women and they worked awesome together.

Picking up Bibles from a radio station to hand out.

So what is it like being a TMM? It can be scary, but at the same time if you know that they are doing the work of the Lord, you can unspeakable peace about it all!! Does it get any easier to let them go? NO! BUT knowing they are in the hands of the Creator and He knows what is a head, it is easier to release her.

Seeing her face light up each time she gets through the TSA, always gives me the assurance that He is right beside her all the way.

As always I’m blessed to be a TMM.

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