A Big Answer to Prayer!

This past week I have seen a miracle and another goal met since beginning this new journey!! As I’ve stated over and over my health had pretty much broken and I was going downhill quickly. I could hardly do anything and spent a lot of time just teaching the kids from my chair.

By the second month things began to change and I was doing more and more. Now I really don’t think of things before I do them. This summer I was able to change a bedroom into a study/classroom and I would never have been able to do that in the past.

A month ago I lost my vision in my right eye and hit bottom with all of that. However, even though I haven’t lost any weight over the past few weeks I haven’t gained big time either. Stress does funny things to a person but thankfully I had been on this journey already and my body was able to keep fighting.

Last week I went in for my annual physical and did my blood work. For the very first time in years my blood work has come back without any red flags and perfect. Wow!!!! I never dreamed that I would see that again but thanks to this journey and being determined with God’s help, I have met that goal!!!

So, where do I go from here? I keep “marching” forward. Like I said I have had a setback with my eye but we are praying for a miracle with that and the doctor has given us hope that we can reverse that, it will just take time. I didn’t start this for a quick fix but for a change and healthier life. I did it for my family and will continue to keep pressing forward one day at a time.

Continuing to take it one step at a time.


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