Still Plugging Along

It has been several months since I updated here. So much has happened and I haven’t really known what or how to say anything. Are we still on our journey, YES! But life has happened and changed our lives.

November and December our lives moved in a different direction and things slowed down as far as our journey. We moved Abigail into her new place and of course the holidays were upon us. We did splurge a little bit and ate a few things that weren’t on our okay-ed list, but we always went back to the eating correctly. We had found out that our bodies couldn’t handle eating off track very often.

December also brought our household preparing to have Abigail leave the first of January to Israel for 3 months. This was hard and emotionally stressful but excited at the same time for her.

January 3rd we saw her off. So many things have happened over the past 3 months (almost) while she has been away but God has been good and we have seen her grow in so many ways. We are looking forward to welcoming her home, April 4th.

Three weeks ago my daddy had surgery and what was just supposed to have been a knee replacement, ended up be a lot more and he was in the hospital for over a week. We traveled the road from our place to Springfield nightly and McDonald’s became and very hated place!! There wasn’t much choice than this as we traveled down the road (2 hrs one way) each night after Michael got off work. Even though it didn’t help with our plan, we are very thankful that we were able to be with Daddy during those uncertain days. But once again the stress kicked in.

The week before Daddy’s surgery the eye specialist didn’t have a very encouraging report until the very end when he ran one more test. This test actually made it where I could see for the VERY FIRST time since October. I can’t say what I felt that evening. Emotions were unreal. This gave me hope again!! The specialist and our eye doctor talked and decided to give that eye another chance with the contacts. I had already told the specialist team that if they couldn’t come up with something, I didn’t want to continue to wear the contacts. They hurt all the time and they didn’t help. But with this new turn we decided to give it one more chance. Of course, I asked if I would ever be able to go back to wearing my classes only, and they said no. Due to the damage to the cornea it will take the contact to flatten it to be able to see at all, so I’m in contacts totally and reading glasses on the side.

Being off track for a week played on me physically and now that we are getting back on track I’m diffidently seeing some changes again. Some may think it is easy to just get back on track, it isn’t. We were able to attend a local conference put on by the founders of the program and it was awesome to hearing in details what their findings were and why they have us on some things and off of other things. During the conference we introduced the second cookbook that I had put together over the past year. This has been a challenge with me not being able to see throughout this time, but God helped me to get it all done in time.

Are things perfect now? NO! We are continuously working on our journey, but with God’s help, we are determined and making progress. One boost and answer to prayer, was Friday we got home from taking Milton to St. Louis Children’s Hospital and my new contact was in the mail. My eyes were so tired that I decided to wait until Saturday, yesterday, to put it in. The moment I put them in, it was like a light bulb came on for the first time!! No, I can see a bunch, but I can see light and I can see things right in front of my in an outline. This is BIG!!! When you are blind and can’t see and then all of a sudden can, it is overwhelming! They don’t figure I will get much more than this back, but I will take what I can and be thankful!!! God is so Good!!

So, we continue our journey, pressing toward our goals.

Taking it One Step At A Time!

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