12 Weeks and 1st Goals!

We have finished week 12 and we are fighting toward our goals!

Michael’s first goal was to be able to go up and down our split level stairs without having problems and be able to fit into his letter jacket from high school. Well, he has met that and here is a picture of him in his jacket, newly dried cleaned and ready for him to wear again! This is a big accomplishment for him and I am proud of him. That was his first reward for his first goal.

My first goal was to get my blood pressure and diabetes under control and I was able to do that. On top of that I have lost over 30 lbs now and all my outfits are to big. Michael took me to our local thrift stores to try to buy me some new outfits but none of them had dresses, I guess they aren’t in “style”. So for meeting my first goal he will be taking me to Springfield next Saturday to do some thrift store shopping. I’m looking forward to a day with him and Milton.

This has been a hard weekend for us and many throughout MO but we are thankful for God’s protection. Our city looks like a war zone. I have never seen so much water. We started to take James home last night and our creek below us was over the banks and over the high bridges. We didn’t even get a block away from our place when we knew we had to turn around or be in trouble. We are safe. Our basement totally flooded and this week will be spent in getting rid of most of it. Not going to be an easy job. Michael has spent the day at work, not the way we had planned our weekend or our Sunday, but God is in control.

We move towards our next goal, what is it? I will tell you next week. 🙂

So we continue this journey one step at a time.