Week 13 an Emotional Week

Week 13 has been filled with emotions and been a tough week. Saturday we lived through a terrible flood that people say has never happened in their life time here. Within an hour of the rain starting creeks were over their banks and roads were impassable. Life changed in just a short time.

Our basement flooded and we lost so much. We are still working on it

This is just below our house from the creek. It had come all the way up the hill and was impassable.

trying to get things gone through and then we will begin ripping the rugs out and start trying to repair things that we have to take care of down there.

Michael got called to go to work Saturday evening, but due to the flooding and the creek over the banks and the water rushing down our street from up above us, he couldn’t make it Saturday. The electric had to be turned off in the city because of the water was so high. Sunday morning we were able to get James home and Michael went on into work.

This is the bridge just below us, Sunday morning at 6:00 am. The water had come all the way over that bridge and over the fence railing and the right side the raining had been ripped off.

We had lost our landline and internet so Sunday we weren’t able to have church. Abigail and Milton sat down and watched some old religious movies that hadn’t been seen for a long time. Around 4:00 pm we got our landline and internet back and I started making some calls to check on people that we wanted to make sure they were ok.

The rest of the week was spent in cleaning downstairs and making special meals for Michael to have at work so he could eat and not get off our diet. This was tough!!!

I woke up Tuesday, May 2nd, to the sun shining and looked outside to see my rose bush that my mother gave me when Milton was little in full bloom. It reminded me that even in disaster, there was still beauty and the Lord was with us.

The Lord has been good to us. Even though we lost a lot of things and we have a ways to go to get it all cleaned up, we still have our home and God protect our lives. We have watched the town come together and help each other like never before. Bridges are completely gone, homes were swept away, roads under water, but God spared lives!

Yesterday Michael took me to Springfield to look for some clothes at thrift stores, but sadly that didn’t turn out as we had hoped. It seems that no one is wearing dresses anymore. I got a couple of outfits but they will have to have to have some work done on them before I wear them.

So, this next week we continue to pick up the pieces and go through wet soggy items and get things ready to restart again. We continue to press forward on our journey and this may have been a tough week, but we have made it through it with God’s help!

Taking it one step at a time.