Week 18 Trying To Get Back Up

You have heard the old saying “When you fall off the horse, get right back on”, well that is what we are trying to do.

We did great on the diet until the flood hit us April 29th, we had done great on our meals and meeting goals. But due to messed up schedules, being on the road and trying to clean up our basement (thanks to about 4 ft of water), we have struggled a little more. But we are getting back up and going full force again.

I have had the privilege to work on a special project, as if I was bored already, lately and it has actually helped me remember why we started on this program. If you look back at my blogs, you will find it wasn’t for losing weight. That is a bonus for us, but wasn’t the reason we started.

Having a doctor that I can trust has meant a lot to us over the past few years during my struggle starting with my tumor on my hip. I don’t know where I’d be today, had we not found a doctor that cared and helped us get help when we did. So, when he told us that I had 2 choices in January, either take expensive meds or start this program that he had all confidence in, I chose this one and Michael joined me to help encourage me along the way.

Yes, I met the first goal and thanks to God leading us to this program, I have been able to be up and working on the mess the flood left behind. Before this, I would never have been able to do all that I have done. Do I hurt still? Yes, I still have pain and will always suffer from that, but I can go up and down the stairs without struggling all the way.

Friday, showed me even more how God has answered that prayer. I have done lots of laundry due to the flooding and wanting to save my material that I have downstairs, I started the dryer and went to reload the washer, the dryer shut off. I turned the dryer back on. Turned around again and it shut off. This time I smelled smoke and whirled around to see smoke coming from the back of the dryer. I didn’t need my dryer to do this but sometimes things happen. James was here helping, I turned to him and said, “Well, you get to help me big time now.” I not only went up and down the inside stairs but the back porch steps, too, without problems. Again, I thanked the Lord for Dr. Abrams and her help with this program.

Milton doing Equine Therapy

Another thing that happened this week was Milton did Equine Therapy on Thursday for 2 hrs. I am a side walker for that and I walked for 2 whole hours doing circles, figure 8’s, and all sorts of things that I never dreamed I would be doing again. Yes, I got tired (who doesn’t after 2 hrs of walking in the sun :)) but I didn’t hurt so bad that I couldn’t drive home, an hour drive, afterwards. Wooohoo, God is so good.

So, am I discouraged. Oh, maybe a little because I would have loved to be further up the road, but Missouri is known for their rocks and I guess I had a few big ones hit at once. But we are getting up and going on.

So, what is this big project? I am having the privilege of helping Dr. Abrams get ready for our first West Plains Warriors dinner. This is a special dinner for her patients to come together and get to hear others that are on this journey and be encouraged. I have also published our first cookbook for the group. Yes, it has been busy, but so much fun and encouragement. It has kept me remembering why I am working so hard towards my goals.

Taking it one step at a time.