On the Road Food is TERRIBLE! Week 15

This has been the HARDEST week yet!!! Monday night we left right after seeing Dr. Abrams, for a meeting in St. Louis for Michael. What we have learned from this week is traveling is hard for us! We have been VERY strict and no cheating since we began in February. We agreed that no matter how much we wanted to cheat we were dedicated to the program. Dr. Abrams had told us at the beginning that when we went on vacation she expected us to enjoy it and do the best we could but it was ok not to stay completely to the plan.

So…we counted this full week because of being in St. Louis Tuesday and Wednesday for Michael’s meeting and Thursday thru Sunday morning in Springfield at our homeschool convention as a vacation. I can tell you that my body does NOT like a lot of stuff now!!!

I already had learned that I couldn’t eat red tomatoes. Well, I can’t eat non-Shape ketchup, either!!! I haven’t had tea until this week, and I learned I can’t drink much of that or it makes me sick now. One of the biggest disappointments was last night Michael treated every one to Andy’s and he picked out a chocolate cone for me because he knew I really missed that. I won’t be doing that again!!

I’m sure some don’t think your body will react to food that we have been so used to eating all this time, but believe me when I say, I know when I can’t eat something again because it made me VERY sick!!! Another thing that I noticed was some of the inflammation has come back. Yes, we gained some weight back this week…BUT it isn’t staying on and I truly think most of it is inflammation.

I’m not going to say we won’t eat out ever again, because that isn’t true!! 🙂 BUT I have learned this week to stay closer to our plan so that I can enjoy my meals. AND yes we will probably take more of our own meals with us so that we don’t have to try to figure out what is ok.

So, starting today, we are back on our regular plan and working towards our goals. Am I sorry that we decided to take this week as a vacation. NO, because I have learned so much more about myself and NO, I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

What I have learned is that thanks to us being on the program God has answered so many prayers. Since my hit problems five years ago, when I would go to the convention and stand all day, I would spend the nights in tears from all of the pain. Several that have seen me struggle at the conventions, commented Friday afternoon how I looked really good and wasn’t struggling from being on my feet. Then Saturday, they again said it was amazing. Yes, I crashed last night from being tired, BUT I was able to get up and down by myself and not hurt constantly. Sunday mornings afterwards, I would have to have help getting in and out of the truck and the pain would be terrible. BUT today, I could get in and out of the truck and I don’t have that terrible pain. Thank you Lord for your touch and for helping us get into this awesome program!!

Let me stress again! This is NOT a diet to lose weight! It is a life changing way of eating to help your body function better and be healthier. A bonus is that you do lose weight but I never thought of inflammation being a big part of that.

Interested in starting your own journey? Check out the Shape website at http://shapereclaimed.com/.

So, back on track and taking it one step at a time.