Happy 4th of July

This is week 21 and it has been tough and rewarding at the same time. This week I saw rewarding numbers, 45 lbs GONE! This has been tough due to no air condition in the house. God did give us some beautiful days with His air conditioning but it is now hot again. We are all looking forward to tomorrow when we will get our new air conditioner finally put in.

In the past, we would have gotten cold meat and eaten that to help keep things cool in the house. But with this program there is no bread allowed so that makes it rougher to just make a sandwich. We have been doing more grilling outside than cooking inside. The one thing that I have had no problem doing is drinking!!

Today we had a cookout. With it so hot inside, I wanted to keep the heat outdoors. So I

Grilled chicken & veggies.

fixed chicken and veggies to be put on the grill. It was really good! I have been wanting something sweet, so I made cheese cake topped with strawberries. One thing we have proven with this program is that food doesn’t have to taste bad to get your health back to what you want. Most diets, the food all taste the same after a bit, they don’t taste good, have to have supplements but with this program you don’t have to worry about any of this.

Cheese cake topped with strawberries.

This week is July 4th, and we are so thankful that there have been family and friends and strangers willing to fight in our behalf so that we have our freedom to serve God and live the way we want. As we watch the fireworks and visit, may we remember that it is because others stood in the gap that we have the freedoms we have. Thanks to all that have served!!!

We continue to take thing one step at a time.